One to One

Does your dog pull on the lead? Jump up at visitors? Refuse to come back when called?

A one to one training session will teach you the skills you need to control and communicate with your dog, enabling you both to enjoy your time together.

One to one training sessions will help you get to grips with key handling and control skills including recall and loose lead walking. Learn how to train and communicate with your dog in the comfort of your own home, and pick up some fun tricks or games to play with your dog along the way.

One to one training sessions are perfect for helping to resolve common training problems, or for dogs or owners who would prefer to train outside of a class situation.

The first training session is 1 1/2 hours, during which I will get to know you and your dog, discuss what you would like to achieve and practice the exercises. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour long during which we will progress with training to reach your goals. Printed guidance sheets will be provided to help you continue the training after sessions.

One to One Training is offered in sets of three sessions.

The fee for a 3 session package is £120.

Additional sessions are £35 per hour

Additional mileage charges may apply for consultations more than 20 miles from Cheltenham.

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For more serious behaviour problems, please see our dog behaviour consultation service.